Everyone loves watching home improvement shows on TV. You get to imagine what you’d like to do with your own personal remodel.

Viewers in Strathmore that watch the popular show Property Brothers on HGTV will recognize a few local faces as employees from Wheatland Stone who appeared in Episode 1 of Season 6 called “Modern Cowboy Makeover.”

We spoke with co-owner Mike Mathieu about the experience of being on the show. He explained that Wheatland Stone, which he owns with Courtney Nelson, had three jobs of a contractor in Calgary and that’s how they got on the show.

Mathieu says they couldn’t really talk about the show until the episode was aired.

“It was interesting. The brothers were never present when the installs were happening, but the camera crews were there and they wanted to get us putting the large pieces in like the island into the homes and then it was just a waiting game to see what it looked like on television,” he said.

The installation of the quartz countertops was done in Calgary.

When asked about the atmosphere of the lights and cameras he explained that the crews were very specific while taping the show.

“We couldn't wear any of our normal work gear because our shirts have our logo on it and that wasn't allowed. They don't promote anything. Even the Ford logo on our truck had to be covered up.”

Many of the shots in the show are of crews from Wheatland Stone carrying pieces into the home and putting them into place.

Wheatland Stone is located on Slater Road in Strathmore. “We’ve been in business for three years,” Mathieu said.

He explained that the photo on Facebook is three of their employees installing a large island.

When asked how business has been in the pandemic he said it’s surprisingly been a blessing.

“The pandemic has actually been a blessing for any type of home renovation contractors doing any kind of work like that because people have expendable income. They weren't traveling and doing the normal things that they would usually do." He said people are at home.  "Probably deciding, or looking at their kitchens, a lot of changes are being made out there, so we were quite busy and still are up to now. As well as any of the other contractors I talked to in the Strathmore area.”

“They’re all doing some pretty good business, so I guess that's a blessing for companies like ours,” he said.