Some say one of the best parts of Christmas is making the people around you just that little bit happier. (And Christmas break). The team down at Strathmore High School’s Spartan Council is trying to give their fellow students a little extra bit of fun and Christmas cheer as they start their countdown to the 12 Days of Christmas!

We sat down with Florence Kalia and Adrianna Kiemeny to talk about what Spartan Council has in store.

“The 12 days of Christmas is a big event, and it's held by our Spartan Council club. We have different events scheduled for the 12 days leading up to Christmas break. It’s just things that will enhance our school spirit like dress up days and fundraising days,” said Kalia.

She explained that coming up the school will be doing a drive to donate to the food bank for the holidays.

When asked why it’s important to have spirit days for the kids at their school, Kalia said, “It's definitely been a difficult time for everyone, and I think doing something together with our whole school really just makes it fun for everybody and leading up to the Christmas season just really enhances everybody’s spirit.”

“It’s part of joy and just making our school come together.” said Kalia.

“And for the community as well,” said Kiemeny. “If we spread the word and then everybody can join in with our festivities at SHS.”

The first day of Christmas will be December 1, and will be Rudolph Red Day.

“We’re all dressing up as Rudolph or wear ing red.”Kiemeny.

“Another thing that's happening on the very first day which will be December 1st, it's going to be making soup for first responders after school,” said Kalia. It’s just making soup for the first responders and giving it to them as a thank you,” said Kalia.