There are only a couple of days left before it’s time for the Standard Lions annual auction. In the past, the auction was presented as a stag auction with supper, but this time around the auction is even more popular than ever, and with an online twist.

The community auction fundraiser will open on November 27 and bidding will close on December 3.

Lions member Mike Rasmussen says they plan on putting up boards at the new outdoor rink. “There's no boards on it, right now it's just a big slab, and they cost 100,000 dollars,” Rasmussen explained that the Standard Lions over the years have worked hard to invest in projects to help the community thrive.

“At the main arena, we've helped with the compressors and the cooling and stuff like that in the past.”

In addition, the Standard Lions have helped to rebuild the community tennis courts, supported the library, and built the community hall through fundraising, they have also helped with the pathway and community benches at Memory Lane.

Rasmussen explained that being outdoors and on the ice is a popular pastime for lots of kids in the area. “The kids just have a blast out there.”

The outdoor arena is a very popular place for all ages and there’s a true small-town feel to the atmosphere.

“Actually, on the nice days there are 20 to 30 kids out there and we’ve got fire pits and picnic tables, mums bring lunches and stuff for the kids and cook with hot dogs,” he said.

“Of course when it's 20 below, it doesn't get used much, but when it's nice out, the kids they go up there and they skate and they play shinny and all that jazz.”

This year the Standard Lions have a goal of raising $100,000 for the outdoor rink and other community projects.

In the past, the Standard Lions have hosted a stag auction with a full roast beef supper. Now the online auction will be held through Premier Auctions. Rasmussen explained that the community really comes together to support the auction, with donors coming from as far as Three Hills to Strathmore, Standard and Hussar. There are approximately120 items up for bid.

View some of the items up for bid at Premier Auctions at