Every Friday, Veronica Narajiwsky's three-year-old son Marek waits for the Waste Management garbage truck not just because they pick up their garbage, but he waits for another extra special reason.

Veronica expressed he gratitude at the kindness the crew has shown Marek over the past few months since he started to run out to wave at them, "Waste Management started to wave back and honk the horn and then one of the guys about a month ago now, showed him how it all works and how it all gets put in the back and they even came out and gave him a goodie bag. They have absolutely made his day and every time that he sees them he just lights up they are so sweet!"

Veronica explained that this weekly tradition for Marek started because of his 4 legged friend,   "We have a dog and every time he would hear the sound, he would go running out and bark at the truck which piqued Marek's interest and then he wanted to go out and see the garbage truck. He would even go out in the winter months, we now always stand on the deck and wave every Friday." Narajiwsky said.

As time went on and when Narajiwsky and her son would be driving around, Marek would get really excited if he saw a garbage truck, and at home, he found a new way to get even closer to the truck. 

"He actually got to the point where he would run across the grass, and we have a trampoline that's right against our fence, so then he climbs up on the trampoline and stands over the fence and waves to them when he sees them."

It isn't just garbage trucks Veronica said that he also loves firetrucks, police cars, and spaceships, "Pretty much everything a little boy can be into he is into, cars, trucks and of course dinosaurs."

Fridays have now become a tradition in the Narajiwsky house that everyone is getting involved in as she and her husband will join Marek to give their weekly wave, all thanks to the unlikely friendship formed between Marek and the team from Waste Management. 


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