The Strathmore Stampede is coming right up, and you may be wondering what to do while on the grounds. Luckily for you, there's no shortage of things to do, and fun can be had by everyone! Here's 10 things you should check out while you're there.

1. Rodeo and Chucks

Perhaps the most obvious thing to do, you definitely want to see the rodeo and chucks; it's the whole point the Stampede exists to begin with! The rodeo and chucks is always a highlight not just of the Stampede, but the entire year for many people. This is an event you absolutely do not want to miss, and you can buy tickets here.

2. Running with the Bulls

Perhaps the most iconic part of the Strathmore Stampede, Running with the Bulls is always a huge fan favorite and crowd pleaser. If you're one of 70 contestants that are brave enough to go head to head against the bulls, you'll have a chance to win $1000, a belt buckle, and most importantly of all: bragging rights. The fans and judges will decide who the winner is, so make sure you're ready to entertain! You can sign up here.

3. Mechanical Bull

There's no shame in admitting that Running with the Bulls can be a bit scary, but that doesn't mean you can't get in on the bull action! The Stampede will be bringing back the mechanical bull, so you can test how good you really are. Plus, it's definitely a lot less fear-inducing than Running with the Bulls! Well, at least until the robot uprising happens and the mechanical bulls gain sentience, but that's a problem for another day.

4. Live Music

There is no shortage of live music this year, and all the performers are stellar! The James Barker Band will be putting on their concert on Friday night at the Agriterra Stadium. The following night, Chris Leblanc will be performing in the Cowboy Cabaret at 8 PM! If you miss Leblanc on Saturday, there's no need to worry as he will be performing on the grounds on Sunday at 9 PM. Also performing live will be Shannon Smith on Friday, Joel Ostrom & the Tin Star Band on Saturday, and Lyndsay Butler on Sunday - these 3 shows are included with your entry into the grounds!!

Get tickets for The James Barker Band and the Cowboy Cabaret here!

5. Lip Sync Contest

Seeing all those amazing performers may have you feeling a bit musical yourself. Why not take your talents to the stage in the lip sync contest? Just like the James Barker Band, you can perform in front of a crowd, and the best part is you can sing whatever your heart desires! Has your deep voice always prevented you from singing Shania Twain's songs, or that Famous Brooks and Dunn high note from My Maria? That won't be a problem here! You can also win $500 for your performance, so make sure you give it your all!

Find out more and register here.

6. Can Am Wrestling

For an entirely different type of show, Can Am Wrestling will be making their debut this year! Not only will they be putting on a show from 4-5, they'll also be teaching you how to do some of their moves! 12-2 p.m. will be for the 6-10 year olds, 2-4 p.m. will be for 11-15 year olds and 6-8 p.m. will be for anyone 16 or older. If you want to learn how to wrestle like a champ, come learn from the guys that do it best.

7. Extreme Dogs

We all know wrestlers can be extreme, but did you know dogs can be too? You can catch some of the most extreme dogs around at the Extreme Dogs show! Did I mention they're extreme? Not sure if I said that enough.

Extreme dogs will be doing plenty of tricks and jump, and one of their features is a pool for the dogs to do tricks with. These dogs know how to do a lot more than "shake a paw", so it's definitely worth seeing!

By the way, they're pretty extreme. Just thought you should know.

8. Kisling Farms Petting Zoo

Seeing the cute dogs might have you feeling like you want to get up close and cuddle with some animals. Luckily, 748 Kisling Farms will offer just that! They'll be bringing a petting zoo with goats, pigs, bunnies, chickens, and maybe even a donkey! 

9. Cobbs Adventure Park

Like Kisling Farms, Cobbs will also be bringing some cute animals like kangaroos! However, they'll be offering a different experience as well, as they'll have reptiles, lizards and frogs. Not quite as cute and cuddly as the other animals, but still worth seeing!  Check them out set up this year in the curling rink! 

10. Gord Stewart's Ag Fair

Last, but definitely not least, is Gord Stewart's Ag Fair! This year's Stampede is hoping to have more of an old-timey, agricultural feel to it, and Gord Stewart will be a big part of making that happen. He'll be setting up exhibits and displays, as well as plenty of activities for the kids like sack racing and horse/pony rides as well.

We can't wait to see you down there and be sure to stop by the 104.5 More Country booth powered by Pet Valu for a chance to win some great prizes!!! 

Check out this year's schedule of Strathmore Stampede at the Strathmore Stampede Info Stop!