15-year-old Quniton Mavor is a saddle bronc rider from Standard who will be representing Canada at the Jr. World Finals in Las Vegas this year, who is looking for local sponsors to help him on his journey in rodeo. 

Mavor started with rodeo at a very young age. He first started off with sheep riding and then this year he was able to qualify for the Jr. World Finals and get his shot to go down to Las Vegas. 

"This is something that I always wanted to do. Ever since I was really little I grew up around it, going to rodeos and going to sheep rides and just kind of evolved into, now for me, saddle bronc." 

Mom of Mavor, Tarra Rousselle explained that her son had rodeo in his blood since he was a baby. 

"The only way I could get him to sleep when he was little, was to put him on the back of a horse with me and ride for 15 minutes and there he was, out like a light. So, I am super proud of him and knew he had it in him the whole time."  

The only piece of advice that Mavor has for people that want to get into the rodeo lifestyle. Is that it is better to get your start when you are young, rather then waiting to be older. 

"You get on bigger animals when you are older, at least when you are little you can do smaller animals and you can ignite that passion early on.

The endgame for Mavor is to go pro and then go in to the NFR. If he is really lucky then he wants to be able to get a scholarship to rodeo once he is in his college years. 

Mavor will be leaving to Las Vegas on December 5 and coming back on December 12th, after a couple days competing. 

Mavor said that he has been getting ready for the Jr. World Finals by preparing himself mentally, physically and trying to get as many sponsors as he can to help him continue forward. 

Sponsors will help him cover expenses like entry fee, hotels, flights, food and all of the essential things that he will need to succeed while he is in the United States competing. 

If you would like to sponsor Quniton Mavor, you can go to his Facebook Page, his GoFundMe me account or by emailing qmavor@gmail.com.

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