Last Sunday saw dozens of runners take part in the annual tradition of the Terry Fox Run to raise money to beat cancer. Diana Baird, along with the Strathmore Run Club, put in a lot of work to organize the event and bring the community together for a fun afternoon and a good cause!

While the run itself is the main event, there was a lot to do when you got to Kinsmen Park. There was a kids' section with games to play, a barbecue after the run, shirts to buy, a selfie station, and more! With all the effort that went into making the day possible, Baird was just happy that the weather was also great.

"I was so happy that Mother Nature cooperated. Sometimes that's half the battle with these things. We were very fortunate." 

Kids Terry fox runAll ready to go for the run!

There was an initial goal to raise $5,000, but that amount was easily bested by 8 year old Theo Gosling alone! Because of that, Baird said she raised the goal so people would keep donating to help beat cancer. As of this morning, the run raised $8,482, and the new goal is $9,000. However, it's possible that even this goal has been surpassed, so $10,000 may be possible!

"I think we've actually hit the $9,000 because the cash sales from the shirts at the event here plus the donations, I think I'm sitting around $800.00. So collectively we've hit the $9000. And then there will also be the sales from online shirts, which I don't see yet."

As for Theo, he received a pleasant surprise when he showed up for the run. While Theos dad knew he would be recognized at the event, but Theo was surprised to see the Cancer Foundation also sent him a shirt, a letter of recognition, a Terry Fox Pin, and a book called "Terry Fox and Kids"! 

Theo Gosling Terry Fox RunTheo Gosling is recognized for his extraordinary fund raising efforts

Organizing an event as big as the Terry Fox Run is a huge task, but Baird is happy to do it to do her part in the battle against cancer.

"Well, personally, cancer has affected my family. Both my father and my father-in-law and a brother-in-law have all passed from cancer. So it hits home." 

Next year Baird is looking at selling more shirts potentially, as well as putting a bigger focus on establishing running teams! While teams were an idea she had this year, it didn't really get going because she was so busy planning everything else.

It's still possible to donate to reach $10,000, as Baird won't be delivering the donation until October. If you'd like to donate, you can do so here.

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