The Western Canadian Agribition began ticket sales this week, as the 51st annual event is coming up later this year. 

That'll be beginning on Monday, November 28, with the opening ceremonies being held at 10. That'll last all week until the closing date December 3.

A strong year is expected following the troubles that have plagued events over the past two years, with sales since Monday indicating there's plenty of interest.

Shaun Kindopp is the new CEO of the Western Canadian Agribition, having been named to the position back in July.

He says that while he's been to the show a good few times, it's a much different experience being on the management side.

"I thought I knew heading in, but there's so much more that goes on behind the scenes once you start talking to the staff and the partners of all the different things that I wish I would've known before. Every nook and cranny of that property is full of something and there's so much tradition that I've got to learn, so I'm looking forward to try and bring that to the forefront for other people who might not know."

He'll have the help of the volunteers and staff working the event, many of whom know it well.

"Looking forward to that, I'm super lucky to have a talented team of people who have been there a long time. I have some staff members who have been here nearly 25 years and volunteers who have been working Agribition since the very first one," said Kindopp, "I got a really good support team who have been helping me out along the way."

It won't be all tradition, as a couple of new events are in the works and are nearly ready to be announced.

"We've got a couple of irons in the fire that we're trying to nail down, but some of the things that we've got coming back," said Kindopp, "Like a second night at the party in the dirt, just to give some of those people that experience instead of having to rush away. There's a couple of things that you'll have to stay tuned for, they're just being finalized at the moment"