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The future is here! Job seekers from in and around Strathmore have a special opportunity that can find them a job where they can grow in the renewable energy industry.

Borea Construction and Prospect Human Services will be hosting a new career fair this month. This will be a chance to get your feet in the door with jobs in solar or wind energy projects.

Nicole MacMillian, Site Talent Specialist for Borea Construction explained that one of the best parts of working for Borea Construction are the people.

“I think everyone is so excited and so passionate about renewables that it's hard not to be obsessed. We are the leader in the industry, which is exciting, but then to get on site and meet everybody that's there and see how happy they are to be there, I think that's great,” she said.

She says there’s a dynamic team working together.

construction workerPhotos courtesy Borea Construction

“For Borea, we are the leader in the Canadian renewable energy industry, so that is obviously quite exciting, but renewable energy is such a growing industry right now. It's one of those things where it's hard to wrap your head around until you look at the wind turbines and solar panels up front, but I think that we have quite a large and growing team that is excited about what they're doing and they love what they do,” she said.

This career fair is a brand new opportunity to work with the leader in renewable energy in Canada.

MacMillan says, “I think it's pretty exciting in and of itself, as well as there's a lot of transferable skills in the trades, so I think giving somebody the opportunity to try something new, or maybe try a career path that they haven't considered before, is very exciting.”

They will be looking for people who have a construction background, but they will also be willing to train employees on site.

“Obviously having a construction background is definitely a bonus, but it's not necessarily a requirement. Somebody can start straight out of high school with no experience if they really wanted to. But again, construction experience is definitely an asset,” said MacMillan.

The greatest quality they are searching for when it comes to hiring new employees is someone with the right attitude.

“Someone who's willing to try something new and is up for the challenge. We're willing to start from the ground up,” she said.

There is a requirement of construction safety training systems for safety on site, which is not a barrier to employment as Borea is able to provide potential hires with links to the Alberta Construction Association to get the course free of charge.

“Again, the biggest thing for us is someone with the right attitude that aligns with our values,” she said.

Borea Construction is looking to hire across Southern Alberta.

There are some upcoming projects where they will also be looking to fill positions in the Medicine Hat and Strathmore region.

When it comes to hiring from this community she says, “We have worked in Strathmore before. We do have the solar farm in Strathmore. It was important for us to give back to that community and give people the opportunity to find more career options and especially in wind and solar.”

“I'm sure there are probably some people that some interest was piqued when we installed those solar panels there.”

She noted that having a long-lasting career over just a summer job is important.

She says having a career is something that people really enjoy and love to do.

At the moment they are hiring solar workers as well as wind workers as there are both solar and wind power projects right now.

“For a solar worker, they would be doing paneling and racking, whereas on wind we start with our concrete teams and we we finish the project right up to the construction of the wind turbine itself. So from start to finish for wind, and like I said, paneling and racking for the solar projects and general construction and labor there.

The career fair will take place at the Kinsmen Park Pavilion on August 30th from 12 to 7 p.m. and 31st from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Register beforehand or drop in during the career fair.

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