EPCOR's proposed manure processing plant has received plenty of feedback from Wheatland County community members, with some feeling strongly opposed to the plant. We reached out to EPCOR to ask about some more details on the plant, and what their response is to the community.

Q. Where can people take their questions/ complaints? How do they contact you to let them know how they feel?

A. We held an open house on August 23 and an online open house from August 24- Sept 7 during which we received a lot of feedback. We are now compiling what we heard and following up on questions we received and the information will be shared in a report later this fall. The open house material and project information is still available on the project website: www.epcor.com/ardenoderng and further comments or questions can be provided by email at: ArdenodeRNG@epcor.com or by phone at: 1-833-963-4643

Q. What's the land location for the potential facility?

A. The facility, an on-farm anaerobic digestion facility,  is proposed to be located in Wheatland County, 13km North of Strathmore, Alberta on a 20-acre (8ha) site at the northeast corner of Highway 564 and Range Road 253, adjacent to Cattleland Feedyards. On the interactive map at epcor.com/ardenoderng, the proposed area for the facility is noted in green. 

Q.How far along in planning is this plant? Is it decided if this will be built yet, or is it still in the preliminary phases?

A. The project is in the planning and design phase. The project will require various regulatory approvals, including from Alberta Environment and Parks and Wheatland County.

Q. Many community members that went to your open house were unsatisfied, saying they didn't feel their questions were answered or their complaints were heard. One person said he feels like EPCOR is just a huge company that will do whatever they want anyways, regardless of what people think (paraphrased quote). What's your response to people who feel this way?

A. Through our open houses we heard a wide variety of feedback on the project, which will be very helpful for our planning. While it will take some time to compile the feedback and questions we received, formulate responses and get the information out to people, we will be coming back to the community to address the questions and comments we heard. We encourage interested parties to sign up on the project website to receive project updates and information. We want to be a good neighbour and we hope to earn the trust of the community. If the required approvals are received EPCOR will remain committed to building and operating this facility in a responsible and environmentally-sustainable way.

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