There was a great weekend of Christmas cheer during Strathmore’s Spirit of Christmas weekend. Not only was there cheer, but there was also a great amount of giving. 

104.5 More Country and hosted their second annual Christmas Hamper Days, and this year did not disappoint.  

“I'm overjoyed, so impressed. I am amazed,” said chair of the Christmas Hamper Society Marilyn Galvin upon receiving the donations. “I can't believe it. It's the most amazing thing that anyone could do for this community. There's going to be a lot of happy kids.” 

While last year’s Christmas Hamper Days saw an even amount of both food and toy donation, this year has been deemed the year of toys. There were so many toy donations that Galvin felt like a kid again looking at all of them. 


“I did play with a few when I was setting them up, and there is a lot of cool ones, which is wonderful. There are some real modern toys from the looks of them. I have never even seen some before.” 

There is one more weekend to get donations in this weekend. The Christmas Hamper Society will be at various locations around town spreading Christmas cheer.  

“We're going to be set up at all the grocery stores, this year we have created a wish tree and we have filled them with candy canes. When someone takes a candy cane off, it will have a label on it with foods that we are short on.” 

Galvin said that while they are excited to hand out all the toys to kids, there are still in need of some other items. 

“This year, it looks like we're going to be short with the syrup and pancake mix. Kraft dinner is also a big one. Dish soap, laundry, and bar soap.” 

Last year was the first Christmas Hamper Days hosted by the crew at 104.5 More Country and the experience meant so much to the team that it has become a tradition to continue for years to come. 

“Thank you very much to the team at 104.5 More Country and,” explained Galvin. “We can't thank you enough for last year, and this year so far. What you've done for the Hamper is amazing, so thank you.”