The 104.5 More Country headed out about 45 East of Strathmore to visit Triple G Farms. 

They've been around for 57 years, and they've been having a busy season, harvesting wheat, barley, yellow mustard, canola, and a bit of oats, peas, hay, and green fee On top of that, they have 200 head of cow calf pairs running in a mix of tame and native pasture. 

It has been a season of just rolling with what came their way.  Brendan Christensen explained there's been some challenges, but the year turned out to be a good one.

"It has been all over the place, going from continued drought, to potential bumper crops with all the rain, settling on a nice slightly above average year after the hot and dry August. Cattle and commodity prices are good, the bins and feed yard are full, and cows are happy. So overall life is very good."

When we asked Brendan about when they think they may wrap up harvest this season he looks at the light side of things.

"As far as being done, that's a loaded question. As my wife likes to say, farming is saying things will slow down in a couple weeks, until you die."

He said so long as the weather and equipment cooperate, the crops should be in the bin by the end of the week.

With the calves selling in a few weeks, that gives them enough time to get ready to catch up on maintenance, keep the cows happy, and haul grain until calving in February.

He wouldn't want it any other way though. 

"Between the farm work, cows, chasing kids around and coaching hockey winters stay pretty busy."

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