A fatal accident on Highway 22X in October 2022 claimed the life of one person while the other will be appearing in provincial court later today.

20-year-old Tayler Stubbins-Chomyn from Medicine Hat tried to pass a semi-truck on Highway 22X, and during this, a head-on collision occurred with a driver who was driving normally in their lane. As a result, the driver died and Stubbins-Chomyn is now facing four charges:

  • Dangerous driving causing death
  • Passing while unsafe
  • Driving at unreasonable speed
  • Careless driving

Strathmore RCMP Detachment Commander Staff Sergeant Mark Wielgosz explained the first charge falls under the Criminal Code, while the other three are laid under the rules of the road regulation. Regarding dangerous driving causing death, Wielgosz explained the sentencing could be as minor as a $1000 fine or could result in potential jail time.

"The maximum imposed sentence could be life imprisonment. However, there'd have to be some significant aggravating and unusual circumstances at play to reach that sentence. There could be any variation of remedies in this particular matter, and obviously, we'll have to wait and see how it plays out within the courts to determine whether or not a conviction is entered, whether it's a plea or a trial and a finding," he said.

Today's court appearance is the first of an expected several, and Wielgosz explained today won't be the trial. 

"The charged person has a subsequent appearance on January 17, those are various appearances to determine whether or not counsel has been assigned, whether or not the person is ready to enter a plea and whether or not the matter would be proceeding towards trial if that's going to be the end result. This is another appearance in the process, which is the court process involving this matter here."

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