In response to widespread drought conditions, Wheatland County has declared a Municipal Agricultural Disaster effective July 27, 2021.

Low growing season moisture, coupled with long periods of heat and wind, has significantly depleted soil moisture reserves.

These conditions have severely impacted all segments of agricultural production within Wheatland County.

This declaration is being made to bring awareness to the difficult situation producers are facing and will continue to face in the coming weeks and months.

Devin Dreeshen, Alberta's Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, confirmed on July 16th, 2021, that the Department will be working with farmers, ranchers, commodity groups, and other government agencies to initiate a regional AgriRecovery support program.

In a news release, Wheatland County stated, "Wheatland County understands the importance of our agriculture industry not only to our municipality and province but the entire country and globally. We are committed to working with all levels of government and are optimistic that we can assist in the implementation of a recovery program that will effectively support our producers through this difficult time."