In preparation of a growing aviation industry in the province, the Alberta Government is investing $5 million to fill the growing demand for workers.

Industries like Wheatland County's De Havilland's aircraft manufacturing plant are headlining Alberta's focus on the aircraft industry, as De Havilland is one of many industries in the province focused on flying. However, this $5 million investment won't be going to De Havilland; rather, it will be spread among 14 other companies like West Jet, The Calgary Flying Club, Synergy Aviation Ltd., and more.

“Alberta’s aviation industry is soaring to new heights and the province is well on its way to becoming Canada’s next aviation hub," said Minister of Jobs, Economy, and Trade Matt Jones.

This grant will give up to $30 000 per trainee to help offset training costs for new or vacant positions, which will go towards positions like pilots, aircraft maintenance engineers, and more. This is one of several steps the government plans on taking to grow Alberta's aviation sector, alongside increased manufacturing like De Havilland.

“As a landlocked province, investing in our aerospace industry is key to developing economic corridors, expanding market access and to helping create local jobs," said Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors Devin Dreeshen.

The $5 million investment comes from the Aviation Skills Grant, which is part of the larger project Alberta at Work. Alberta at Work is a $700 million multi-year investment that will be spread throughout many industries.

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