The Alberta Fire Chiefs Association (AFCA) and Alberta Motor Association (AMA) have taken issue with the new provincial rule about passing roadside workers.

On Tuesday, the province announced new rules to protect roadside workers, where drivers in the lane closest to a stopped roadside worker vehicle with flashing lights will have to slow to 60 km/h or change lanes.

The new rules were originally set to take effect on March 1 and would have required drivers in all lanes to slow to 60, but they were delayed, with the province stating they needed more time to educate the public.

During Tuesday's announcement of the new rules, Transportation Minister Devin Dreeshen said the changes were made after further consultation with Albertans.

It's this change that the AFCA expressed their disappointment over in a media statement released yesterday (Aug. 10).

They state that the originally proposed amendments were a "substantial step forward in augmenting road safety."

"The AFCA appreciated the comprehensive nature of the original legislation, which mandated that all drivers in lanes moving in the same direction slow down to a speed of 60 kilometres per hour when passing an emergency vehicle displaying flashing lights. This stipulation was particularly critical on two-lane highways, where drivers were required to adhere to the same reduced speed in both directions," reads their statement.

The AFCA points specifically to a lack of consultation, claiming they weren't consulted at all.

They've written to Dreeshen requesting access to any studies or information that led to the change.

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