Albertans 18 years old or older will be able to book a second COVID-19 booster shot starting on July 20. You can get this second booster dose five months after you received your first booster.

This news comes amid the recent rise of the Omicron BA.5 variant, which is the most common in Alberta. Alberta's new cases of Covid remain low at the moment, but the Alberta Government warns this variant is more transmissible. It does not indicate an increased risk of severe outcomes.

“As we continue to live with COVID, vaccines remain critical to lowering your risk of severe outcomes and protecting our health-care system. Albertans are encouraged to continue to get their first booster and to consider their unique circumstances when making choices about a second booster,” Minister of Health Jason Copping said

Pharmacist and owner of Strathmore Value Drug Mart Gordon Morck hopes people will get the second booster once it's available.

"We're hoping a lot of people will want to get it so that they can be as fully protected as possible against this virus that's going around," Morck said

"It's the best protection that's available right now. There are other vaccines that are in development but right now that's the best vaccine we have."

Morck added it's difficult to say how many will be getting the booster, but there has been a trickle of people getting their first, second and/or third shots over the last couple of months.

The government recommends that you wait at least three months after a COVID infection before getting a booster shot.

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