The Alberta government is investing $10.5 million over three years to Indigenous Partners through the pilot program "Bridging Classrooms to Communities."

"Creating welcoming environments, demonstrating cultural awareness and providing system supports through the Bridging Classrooms to Communities program will help support Indigenous students’ success in and out of the classroom," a government press release said.

Working with partners like the Alberta Native Friendship Centres Association (ANCFA), the investment will look to help build relationships with local school authorities to advance reconciliation and support the hiring of community connection workers to strengthen student relationships with Indigenous communities.

The ANCFA will receive $7.5 of the $10.5 million, while the remaining $3 million will go to eligible Indigenous organizations across the province. These organizations will receive $100 000, which can be used for things like:

  • Developing Indigenous-centered school events, programs and supports.
  • Providing guidance to teachers and school leaders to strengthen communication with Indigenous students, families and communities.
  • Making timely referrals to external support systems and services.
  • Improving access to transportation, technology, tutoring, social activities, sports and other supports and services.

"These meaningful connections will help provide excellent opportunities for Indigenous students to feel heard and receive support to excel at school and in life now and in the future,” said Minister of Indigenous Relations Rick Wilson.

Grant applications will open later this summer, with funding to arrive in the fall.

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