The province will not be implementing a mandatory mask law in the near future, while cities and towns across Alberta are starting to decide whether they should, with some already starting.

Premier Kenney says as they have over the past few weeks the province strongly recommends Albertans wear masks when social distancing isn't possible, with an emphasis on education, and free masks being distributed.

"When the Public Health Agency of Canada and the World Health Organization were strongly recommending against widespread mask use, I was criticized for strongly recommending widespread mask use, and we've more than just recommended it, we're the only government in Canada who has facilitated it in a real practical way."

At this time Kenney says many Alberta municipalities have low case counts and don't warrant such a mandate.

"This is a very very big and diverse province, and what makes a lot of sense on a crowded bus in downtown Calgary may not make the same sense in a barn in a remote community in Northern Alberta, approximate to which there are no active cases."

Currently, there are eight active cases in Strathmore and 47 being reported across Wheatland County, and Strathmore Mayor Pat Fule has noted during the July 23rd Facebook Live question and answer session that at this time masks are not mandatory in Strathmore but the council does encourage residents where one when social distancing measures are not possible.

Mayor Fule also stated that as a council they are monitoring the active cases in our region at this time.

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