The Strathmore Municipal Library will be having a poetry slam afternoon on October 14 from 3-5 P.M. 

Micheal Ajirireloja will be hosting the poetry slam for everyone in the community to come out and enjoy. 

"Poetry speaks to people, gets them through their emotions and their personalities. Things that are the complexities of life or whatever are going through in their life. The slam poetry event is where people could come together and listen to poetry and or perform poetry in order to relieve themselves of stress."

Ajirireloja says that this event is not a competition but a way for everyone to be comfortable and to enjoy poetry at its finest. 

"Primarily targeted at youth and teenagers, but anyone is invited to come."

This event is something that Ajirireloja says he wants to do yearly. Anyone can come there will be food in the coffee house style. So, there will be food, some snacks and live poetry readings."

If you would like to perform at the Poetry Slam, you can register at the Strathmore Library website. 

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