pride tile

A group of young people came together in the spirit of inclusion last night at the Strathmore Municipal Library. The teens through the aide of the Wheatland Youth Network paintied a ceriling tile mural and pottery at a youth pride event.

Wheatland Youth Network’s (WYN)Adelaide Milian Stewart explained that it was a youth pride celebration.

“We were generously gifted and donated one of the ceiling tiles in the library and it will be displayed at the back in the youth section.”

The tile was painted with a nice message and an image to represent pride.

“We're painting plant pots, but we're also painting a ceiling tile that's going to be on display in the youth area of the library to promote inclusion and kind of be a fun thing to do for pride.” Participants also planted flowers. WYN also partnered with the Strathmore High School GSA club ti organize the event. She noted the design for the mural was created by a local youth designer. Milan Stewart said, the event went very well she noted that more kids signed up than expected.

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