You’re in the right hands when you choose to move into a home built by Aquilla Homes Ltd. From the first point of interaction to all of the trades that put work into the construction of the home, everyone strives to build your home, as if it was their own.

It’s important to know that if you are going to move to, or purchase a home in Strathmore, there’s a quality home builder right here, who aims to make your move-in remarkable.

For the second time, Aquilla Homes Ltd. has been recognized as the best of the best in terms of customer experience, out of a huge pool of Southern Alberta home builders.

Barry Nephin explains that the way the award is chosen is that a third party organization called Customer Insight, conducts feedback surveys for a large number of home builders in the Calgary region.

“Surveys go out to all customers at the one month and the 13th-month point in their build with us asking us, what was it like to build with Aquilla Homes? How is the experience with the quality of your home? Just a wide variety of questions that help us get the feedback.”

He noted that the surveys help the home builder improve their services.

“We typically get back out of a rating of 10 we get quite a few 10s and then you get some that are 9s.  We'll look back at our experience with that customer in building their home.”

The team at Aquilla Homes can look back and find ways to improve their level of service.

“We’re always looking to improve. It’s part of our process, and it's something that we strive for,” he said.

When asked about what it’s like to compete beside large homebuilders out of the city, Nephin says, “We know we're never going to be the biggest builder around, so we've opted to try and present a top-quality home and a great customer experience,” he said.

Homes built by Aquilla Homes are in a class of builders that construct up to 55 homes.

“There are going to be some small people that do one or two homes, but you're in there with some pretty big builders. They're going to have good quality control as well, and it's nice that you are compared to not just the other builders in Strathmore. You're compared to a really huge area with a big population base, and you're basically knocking it out of the park,” Nephin said. He said having that representation is also good for the community in Strathmore.

“People maybe from Calgary or other areas don't look at Strathmore the way that you do when we're here every day, the way that we would look at it, so I think it's a nice thing for Strathmore to have.”

He says the team at Aquilla Homes likes to build homes for their customers as they would for their own families.

“It's about making the home what everybody wants. At the same time, I always say I would be proud to build this house I didn't cut any corners. This is the home built the way that I would want my own personal home built,” Nephin says.

“That kind of mentality goes through all of us, the cribber we use the framer we use, all the trades that we use through the house, they're all invested, and they'll actually come to me and say, ‘Hey Barry, here's a good idea we could do next time.’”

This award once more recognizes Aquilla Homes Ltd. for the highest rating in customer satisfaction.

“It's the second time we've won it and it was amazing to win it the first time because it's totally unexpected. But it's nice to be recognized, that what you're doing actually is on the right track. It's great for the town and people knowing that they've got a good quality builder in town as an option,” said Nephin.