The Strathmore Library is hosting its first annual Local Author Showcase on June 3, and with that come some of the great authors who are in and around the Strathmore area. 

Devin-Leigh Hunter is an author from Langdon who has written such works as The Postage Bear, Clark's Unorthodox Animal Park, and an A-Z book of peculiar creatures. On top of being an author, Hunter is also a biological anthropology student from Brantford, Ontario. 

Hunter has always written novels since she was a little kid but her first official publication came not too long ago when she was really sick with covid. Hunter's baby brother Clark was flying through all the books that they had at home at only three years old, so Hunter wanted to challenge him and that is how Clark's unorthodox animal park came to be. 

"It was meant to be a gift for family but ended up getting quite a bit of attention from others."

The next book that Hunter dove into and wrote was The Postage Bear, a gift for her grandma Wendy about her favorite childhood toy. 

"All of the proceeds from my book The Postage Bear are going to Lansdowne Children’s Centre in my hometown, a foundation chosen by my grandmother." 

Hunter's dreams steam beyond writing as her goal is to work in neurological medicine one day. "I have always had a passion for art, science, medicine, and philanthropy."

She also owns an escape room and is working on opening an all-inclusive escape room with her family. "This room would provide sensory adjustments like dimmer lights and reduced sound for those with sensory needs, as well as 100% wheelchair accessibility." 

Hunter would also love to write a novel someday. "I would love to publish a novel in the future, I have plenty written I just haven’t taken the leap yet!" 


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