Avalanche Canada has issued a Special Public Avalanche Warning.

The region included in the warning covers most of BC's Columbia Mountains, Glacier and Mount Revelstoke National Parks, as well as the Northern Rockies. 

Recent storms and subsequent weather conditions have destabilized a weak snowpack. 

According to Avalanche Canada, a prolonged cold and dry start to the winter created a number of persistent weak layers in the snowpack across the interior ranges of BC. 


The recent storm and warming temperatures have now destabilized that weak snowpack, making large, human-triggered avalanches likely. 

The storm cycles that hit western Canada over the past weekend added significant snow on top of an exceptionally weak lower snowpack. 

This has brought the conditions to a tipping point where dangerous avalanches are likely.

While avalanche danger ratings may start to decrease as the weather improves, there will still be a chance of triggering a large avalanche. 7)

Making conservative terrain choices can help manage this risk along with Sticking to lower-angle slopes and choosing smaller objectives.7)

You should also check the Avalanche Canada website before heading out.

The warning will remain in effect until the end of Monday, January 2, 2023.


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