Fridays are already great because the weekend is coming up, but the 104.5 More Country Team had an especially great day because Banned & Outlawed came to our studio to perform their new song "Song you can Drink a Beer too"!

Brothers Dan and Jon Hnatishin make up the duo from Manitoba, and they'll be performing at Ranchmans in Calgary tonight and tomorrow night. 

It was great to hear their new song, because it isn't even released yet! This is the first time they played it for a radio station, and we got to hear firsthand what will soon be released as an EP.

As the name implies, this song is more of a chill, laid back song.

"The song is about just sitting back, listening to music, and trying to take you away from regular life and just have a beer," Jon said.

"If you're going through a breakup, you can drink a beer to that. If you're the life of the party at the bar, there's a beer for that. Any scenario, all scenarios where you can drink a beer, that's what it's about," added Dan

Dan is the drummer of the band, and he plays a cajon. For a song like this, he said the drums are more free-flowing and improvised, compared to a tightly rehearsed song that would be the same every time.

"For this song specifically it's a more laid back, go with the flow type of song, so that's what I try to go along with, because then it gives the song that much more color, which I like," he said.

Check out an exclusive sneak peek of "Song you can Drink a Beer too" in the video below! And be sure to head to Ranchmans tonight or tomorrow to catch them live!

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