The weather outside is getting a little colder by the day but it is not cold enough yet for ice skating. After some incidents were reported around the lake, the Strathmore Fire Department wanted to let the public know that the lakes in the area are not ready to be skated on yet.  

Wesley Karsten, a firefighter from the Strathmore Fire Department explained the dangers of stepping on thin ice.  

“The layer of ice is unpredictable and due to recent events in other municipalities, we just want to get the word out there and say that it's safer just to stay off of it and avoid the use other than in the wintertime when it's known to be safe and we will advise you when that is the case.” 

He explained that if someone falls into the ice, it can be a matter of moments before the situation can become dangerous. 

“Water temperatures are obviously very cold even when the days are nice and warm,” he continued. “Time is very important when it comes to our response and getting you retrieved and warmed back up so, it's just best not to put yourself in that situation.” 

Any incidents that happen on the lake can be reported to emergency services by calling 911.  

Check out the video below where Karsten explained more about the dangers of being on thin ice.