Be sure to check the weather forecast before you head down to the grounds for fun in the sun at the Strathmore Stampede. In the Strathmore region we’ve seen hotter and hotter weather during the days the last couple of weeks.

Justin Patten, a meteorologist the Environment and Climate Change Canada, explained that typically highs at this time of year in Strathmore are around 23 °C and low are around 12 °C.

This weekend in Strathmore it looks like you can expect a high of 32 °C on Friday and then 30 °C for the rest of the weekend.

“It's certainly looking like we're going to see an increase in temperatures in that area throughout the week. We're anticipating temperatures to get into the 30 degree range come the weekend,” Patten said.

“Overnight lows will probably be quite warm too, relatively speaking around 14 degrees Celsius. So at those sort of temperatures we start issuing heat warnings for areas that start to receive that kind of temperature,” he said.

“I anticipate that there will be heat warnings in place midweek.”

At that time there’s also a chance for evening thunderstorms throughout the weekend.

“Sometimes we run into situations where it even gets a little bit too warm for thunderstorm development, so we might not get any relief in the evenings from thunderstorms, as far as cooling things down momentarily,” he said.

So be prepared for a change in the weather this weekend.

“We certainly want people who are going outside or attending these sorts of events in the summer to be prepared for the weather of the day. So in the instance of these warm conditions bring plenty of water. Have sunscreen, find shade when possible and never leave pets or people and vehicles,” said Patten.

He also warned people to be prepared for changes in the forecast or evening thunderstorms.

He explained that even if you're trying to stay inside to avoid the heat, you still need to be careful.

“Part of the issue that we run into when we have these hot events, is especially when we don't get the cool down overnight, you can build up heat inside house,” he said.

“One of the things that we recommend is to try to close blinds during the day and open windows at night to try to moderate the temperature in the house, especially because this will be a longer event that looks to start mid week and persist maybe until the end of Monday or Tuesday of next week.”

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