The Garden of Eat’n' has been back for another year so that residents can have access to their very own garden that can produce fruits and vegetables. Residents pay $20 for the season and if they look after their garden then at the end of the season, they will get a $10 refund.  

Back in 2011, Communities in Bloom started a community garden on the side of the Anglican church and then when the church was sold the garden moved to the west side of the Hope Community Church.  

Robert Breitwieser a member of Communities in Bloom, says they got new garden boxes for the community garden and last year was the first year that they were in use. 

“Communities in Bloom donated part of the cost for the rebuild of those boxes and the Strathmore Lions Club paid for half of the cost and the other third of the cost came from a grant with Fortis. So, the cost of the boxes was $18,000 to build.” 

Breitwieser says that Fortis was one of the original funders of the garden when they first started to build it, and they have been very generous in the community with providing funds for various things that communities in bloom are involved in. Breiwieser explains what they also have for the gardeners.  

“We also have a large barrel there to collect water from the roof of the church so they can water the garden with rainwater, there is also a picnic bench there and 16 garden boxes are available.”  

The garden is wheelchair accessible as well and it is all paved and has interlocking paths. “It's kind of a nice place to do gardening and the picnic bench is there and sometimes the kids will come with their coloring books and things and sit there and color while their parents are working in the garden.”  

There is only one more box left but as Breitwieser explained he got an inquiry about the box, and he suspects that it will be claimed in no time. 

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