Betty White’s spirit was well and alive on what would have been her 100th birthday yesterday. Residents of Strathmore and the area came out in droves to participate in the Betty White Challenge. The challenge asked people to donate $5 to their favourite animal shelter in White’s name in honour of her birthday.  

Debbie Jensen, a volunteer from Happy Cat Sanctuary in Strathmore, said that it was one of the busiest days they have seen in a while.   

“We sure got lots of support. I sat down at the sanctuary here for two and a half hours, I had lots of people come walking in and giving donations.” 

The total amount of donations is what really blew Jensen off her feet though. “We haven’t even added it all up yet and we have over $3,000 donated.” 

She recalls a special moment that happened during the day that she will remember forever.  

“A lady came in with her two little grandkids, they were about four and six years old. They came up to me with their five dollars in their hand and said ‘this is for Betty White.’ It was so cute. They were so honoured to give those five dollars for Betty White.”  

In addition to getting so many donations, the Happy Cat Sanctuary had more people come in to see the cats yesterday than they have since the pandemic started.  

“We had people look and they're going to come back later to see if they can adopt a cat. All the cats love the attention.”  

Jensen closed up shop yesterday feeling very grateful for her community and the legacy that White left on earth.