The weather has become a little cooler and more rain is in the forecast.  That does not have to stop you from getting the kids to burn off some energy.  The Hope Community Covenant Church is inviting children to enjoy a bouncy castle free of charge.  Taylor Bobee, one of the workers from church says, "Every Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.  We want just want kids to have a fun summer, and have a place to hang out and all that good stuff.  Your welcome to bring your kids, It is free for a day of fun."

The group will be looking to add more activities later in the month to run in conjunction with the bouncy house, and there were some table crafts and mini basketball at the opening day.

Bobee went on to say, "For now it is just all of July and if it is nice outside. It will take place outside, but if it is bad, it will be inside.  You can like our Facebook page, Hope Community Covenant Church and that is pretty much the best way for you to contact us."