Remember the old board games and toys you used to play with when you were a kid? Wooden ornaments and games that will last a lifetime are back in fashion.

Retro is back, and this holiday season there are a bunch of wood products ranging from games to ornaments and toys that can bring that old-time nostalgia back, but also be a one-of-a-kind item to add to your holiday tradition.

We spoke to Dustin Reid from Reid’s WoodWorks about the popularity of retro wood ornaments and products.

“We did ornaments this year. We did see a few people going with some of the wood ones.”

When asked if people purchasing wood ornaments is more a traditional thing or just a popular trend, he explained, it may be a trend that evolves over time.

“For us, a lot of ours you can personalize; for example, we had a few people ask ‘hey could you make us a snowboard one’, they’re more themed ones. We were able to customize and make it completely to what they needed,” he said.

“People are searching out handmade, but then with us being able to customize, it's kind of making it one of a kind. I don't know if it's the wave of old wooden stuff coming back. It could be.”

Reid explained that they just completed a group of tournament medals for a tournament out of Chestermere.

“I think it's just that uniqueness and we've seen just over the three or four years of doing this, every year it gets bigger with different opportunities and a variety of wood products.”

This year they’ve sold wood products like crib boards, or game boards. Earlier in the spring, they created a version of Rummy called Frustration Rummy.

“It’s just a different style of a board game. It was more of a travel size you can take it anywhere with you,” he said.

They saw the game online one day.

“It was super popular and a lot of people have messaged just saying ‘oh we used to play this game when we were kids or something similar to it,” said Reid.