Bruce is a boy full of Spice!

He is looking for a home with:

NO KIDS, NO CATS, he is very selective in dogs friends so a single dog home is suitable. There are no exceptions for this as he is extremely reactive and fearful of kids. He has had training, and behavior assessments and the best fit is to not have his stressed.

Bruce has some complex idiosyncrasies, he picks his humans he likes and so we fully believe he will pick his new parents.

He has medications to help him with his anxiety, and help to maintain a healthy brain!

Bruce loves to play, he is obsessed with tug, toys, mops, brooms, and anything that he can chase and squeeze.

Being 9 years old, he wants a lovely home to sleep and suntan in, lay his days away with you on the couch and snuggle. He is a French Bulldog and can not wait to start his next chapter!

Please follow this link to apply for Bruce