The Strathmore Wheatland Chamber of Commerce (SWCC) will once again be celebrating local businesses coming up in January. 

The SWCC Business Excellence Awards are back and will be in person again for the first since January 2020. 

Ahead of the awards ceremony past SWCC Chair Hayley Poirier explained that nominations are now open, "If you go to the website, there's a link on there that will take you directly to the nomination page and a lot of other information as well. You can nominate as many businesses in one category or as many categories as you want to."  

Poirier did clarify that anyone can nominate as many businesses as they want but they only need to nominate them once, there is no need to nominate the same business multiple times. 

There are many different categories that businesses can be nominated in noted Poirier, "There are 13 categories to be able to nominate in like small business of the year, downtown business of the year, or Wheatland business of the Year and of course, one of my favorites, which is nonprofit business."

Poirier also encourages anyone who would like to attend the event in January to purchase their tickets through the SWCC website, "It's going to be a beautiful evening of celebrating and good food, it's called an evening in Paris and we'll all be transported into Paris for the evening, and of course, we have our emcee Natalie (Johnstone), who's going to be there presenting awards as well." 

Visit to nominate and business nominations will close on January 15, 2023.


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