The Alberta Family Histories Society is looking for stories of the first settlers in Strathmore, and they need the public's help.

Their website, called Alberta Ancestors, showcases community books and includes an index of surnames from these books.

"People can have a look for their aunts, uncles, and grandparents in a particular area," said Jim Benedict, webmaster with AFHS. "We have not digitized all of the pages of all the books, partly for the sheer size, but also with concerns about copyright and respecting people." 

Although AFHS logs cemeteries and old settlements, the one thing they're missing are stories of the first settlers.

"I would invite Strathmore residents to consider writing up the biography of those people and families who first arrived in the area and broke sod."

Notable Albertans who are already included on the website include Sam McGee, Bob Edwards, and "Rattlesnake Pete" Dixon, with the latter having even played billiards with Louis Riel.

"Those stories may or may not be in community books," added Benedict. "But I'm thinking that some people in Strathmore would have their grandparents that first arrived there, and their story is not being told anywhere." 

Those who want to share their family's history with AFHS can do so by visiting the contact page on their website.

AFHS is based out of Calgary and is open for the public to view their old records and community books. Since the website launched back in 2021, the organization has documented 270 cemeteries, 167,353 photos, and 238,248 people.