August 1 is the set start date for the mandatory mask bylaw. The Calgary city council has made some adjustments.

The fine amount for not wearing a mask was adjusted after the council voted from $100 to $50, the $200 fine will still remain in place for businesses who do not have proper signage to advise customers and visitors a mask is required in their building.

“My goal here is that we shouldn’t give any fines because people will comply, however, in the case of people who are being really bad actors we do need the ability to levy that kind of fine,” Mayor Naheed Nenshi said.

There was more clarification provided for the requirements of customers at bars and restaurants.

Face masks will be required while entering a restaurant, talking with someone at another table, or going to the bathroom, a mask may only be removed while customers are seated at their own tables.

The council also voted to send a letter to the provincial government regarding face masks in schools and that they are made mandatory for the fall semester.

Nenshi noted masks should be worn already and the City will be enforced starting Saturday, August 1.