A camper caught on fire at approximately 1:00 p.m. on Highway 1 and Highway 24.

Manager of Emergency and Fire Services Mike Bourgon explained crews were able to respond almost immediately, mitigating any potential large-scale damages.

"It was a camper fire, we did have crews respond from Wheatland West and Strathmore, we were able to contain the fire. It did move into a little bit of vegetation so we sent our wildfire team and our bush buggies and we were able to mitigate that as well," he said.


Bourgon explained fire crews were prepared for a scenario like this regarding the wildfire, as it's the busy time of year for that. With assistance from the Town of Strathmore, Bourgon said they were able to put out the bush fire rather quickly.

No people were harmed as a result of this fire. An investigation is ongoing so Bourgon could not comment on possible causes.