Dust off your red and while and get your flag waving in time for Canada Day in Strathmore this year. With the easing of some of the COVID-19 restrictions in the province, the town will be able to host a Canada Day celebration after all.

Scott Garnett, marketing coordinator for the Town of Strathmore says “Last year, we were unable to do a lot of things that traditionally made up our Canada Day celebrations. When we started Canada Day conversations a couple of months ago we really didn’t know what sort of restrictions would be in place on July 1st – what we did know, was that we wanted to ensure we did everything we could to find a solution that would allow for our community to celebrate the anniversary of Canadian Confederacy while also acknowledging that we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic.”

This year will be a socially distanced, but nonetheless enjoyable Canada Day celebration in Strathmore. There will be traditional Canada Day events like the flag raising and singing of the National Anthem, opening ceremonies, and pancake breakfasts.

Strathmore Mayor Pat Fule says, “We're hoping that when residents see that Canada Day is also back, although in a modified way and separation and different events. I think when people see that it’s got to be a morale boost because we've all been shut up and shut down for so long.”

He said that we are all yearning for things to go back to normal.

“We can't jump right back into being everything as normal as pre-COVID, but we can start to try to do some events and schedule them and plan them,” said Fule. “Our staff has been amazing. Our administration they're trying to plan events that will still be safe because the virus is still with us.”

“It's great that more and more people are getting vaccinated, and young people are getting vaccinated, and second shots are happening. But we still want to be a bit cautious and be prepared to have events that will still celebrate Canada Day, but also keep everyone's health and safety top of mind again,” he said.

Other activities on the day will include a fishing derby at Strathmore Lakes, canoe races at Kinsmen Park, pancake breakfasts throughout town, the traditional kid’s bike parade held near Wheatland Lodge, an outdoor market, barbecues, and of course, a fireworks show at the Strathmore Agricultural Grounds.