The Strathmore Library is continuing their support of local artists in Strathmore and surrounding areas with their featured artist of the month.

On display for the month of September will be artist Carmen Erison, this will be her second exhibition at the Strathmore Library, and she is looking forward to sharing her pieces with visitors.

There are many different art forms, and Erison is what is considered to be a fluid artist, "I do the acrylic pouring, everything from string pulls to create beautiful feathers to silhouettes. I kind of take a different spin on it by adding different images and pictures inside my pores."

During a trip to Yellowknife, seeing the night sky and animals in their natural habitat, and many landscapes is what can inspire her creations.  After her trip to Yellowknife, the inspiration came to try to capture the beauty of the Northern Lights in her artwork.

For Erison, inspiration can be found anywhere," When you're an artist you don't travel the same anymore you don't look at things the same anymore you tend to look at everything as what can I create in an art piece."

Erison has been creating art for over five years, and recently has found her way into this new artistic expression over the last year, and is excited to share this new art form.

Always having an interest in art, Erison took a class, and that was the stepping stones for her to start learning on her own and educating herself on different forms of art, and finding her voice in the artistic world.

Erison is looking forward to sharing her art, but also in her role as Assistant Director of Library Services she works to ensure that many artists can benefit from the space at the library.

"In Strathmore and Wheatland County we have such a variety of artistic people. We discovered that there are so many talented artists in this community. Our art gallery is already full and ready to go until May of next year with just local artists."

Erisons exhibition will be on display, and for sale at the library until September 30.