On Friday, The Wheatland Youth Network with Trellis Commons will be hosting a Youth Pride Day celebration.

Community Coordinator with the Wheatland Youth Network Adelaide Milian says the whole event is aimed at spreading positivity within themselves and their community.

"It's really just a time to come together. I think this is just a great safe space to come and share your pride in any way shape or form."

Milian expresses that holding these kinds of spaces for youth in the community is really important.

"It's a great way to celebrate inclusivity in the community."

Youth pride day

The event's goal is for the youth of the community to meet like-minded people and peers they have connections with.

"It's really about positivity, so honestly, if they can come out of it with just feeling safe and included in that space, that is really important to us."

The youth will be creating a pride banner that will be displayed outside of Trellis. Last year for the pride celebration, they painted a tile in the Strathmore Library. 

"Last year went really good. If you want to go in the library, we painted the ceiling tile in the library last year and it is in the youth section of the library."

There will also be different arts and crafts that will be taking place as well.  

The event will be held at Trellis Commons in Strathmore from 1:30-3:00 and it invites ages between 11 - 24. 

Youth pride day

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