Waste Management has undergone some changes this year which includes a name change to WM in February 2022. The group gave an update to the Strathmore town council on Wednesday night.

Business Development Manager Chris LaMaistre and Strathmore Operations Manager Cody Huxted spoke about the relationship with the community, and local programs and successes with the recycling and composting programs in Strathmore.

About the name change, LaMaistre said “In February of this year, we changed our name from waste management to simply WM and that might sound like a small adjustment, but for us as a company, it's actually a pretty big shift, and it's another big step forward in our journey towards our purpose driven brand of always striving for a more sustainable tomorrow.”

He continued, “More and more, we're increasingly focused on investing in and developing the sustainability side of our service offerings. Services like recycling, renewable natural gas projects are a big focus for us in this year in coming years, and of course, organics.”

Huxted spoke about the compost program and recycling program successes here in town.

He explained that the town’s organics program began in 2021 and since then 1261 metric tons, or 26 per cent has been diverted from local landfills.

“With the residential recycling that brings it to 44% of the waste stream,” said Huxted.

In addition, the composting program which runs from May until October has given residents the chance to obtain free compost up to 40 litres. The presentation also outlined the types of materials that are accepted at the recycling facility.

LaMaistre said he does not anticipate any changes to their programs with the town at the time.

They noted that the facility during COVID-19 was not able to offer public tours, but is now reopening to the public and school children have taken tours of the facility

Also of note, WM’s Delissa Hoglander was highlighted in the presentation as she was named WM’s Canada’s 2021 Operator of the year 

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