Jason Slemko is Wheatland Crossing School's Valedictorian for the class of 2022 and his hard work and dedication to both academics and athletics have made him more deserving of that title. 

Jason after graduation will continue his academic journey by pursuing post-secondary education in an area of personal interest as he explains.

“So, I'm going to the University of Calgary for astrophysics. I did physics 20 and 30 in high school. I like space and I like physics so may as well put them together.”

Reaching for the stars seems to be a habit for Jason as his ambition to excel in both sports and academics is clearly on display. In addition to academic excellence Jason has played basketball, volleyball, badminton track and field, cross country and golf in his three-year high school career. 

Sports and community events are some of Jason's best memories of his time at Wheatland Crossing. He explains how growing up in a small community positively affected his learning and growth.

“It was definitely a really good experience, you grow up with all the students and you know everyone the whole way and there are lots of people in the community that just help out any way they can and It's really nice to even just come to school every day and seeing the same faces and get to talk to everyone.”

Jason is excited to see those same faces at graduation this year and is happy to have his family and friends close to him to celebrate the end of his high school career.

Jason also wants to thank his family and the community for getting him where he is today

“Shout out to my mom and dad for always being there, making sure I get on the bus on time. Many teachers, throughout elementary and junior high high school. It's a smaller community so they get to really get to know you and it's really personal learning and they can help you in whatever way they see that best fits you. Just shout out to all of them for supporting all the members of my class.”

Jason will be celebrating his graduation on May 27th in the Wheatland Crossings School gymnasium. 

104.5 More Country wishes him the best of luck as he furthers his career and reaches even higher heights with his pursuit of astrophysics at The University of Calgary