An event that many Strathmorities look forward to every year is the annual Celebration of Lights is back on starting with opening night on Saturday, November 25. That is still a little bit over a month and a half away but now is the time for volunteers to help create new light displays, decorate trees and get everything cleaned for opening night.

Chair of the Celebration of Lights committee Joanne Selgensen says that help is needed because they are going to start putting up the panels for the lights on October 14. 

Worker volunteering hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 1 - 3 and Saturday 10-12. "These times are set up to hopefully give everyone that wants to help a time that will work for them."

When it comes to the actual event there is also an opportunity Selgensen explains to get involved, "Volunteers are also needed every night until January while the Celebration of Lights is running.  There is a wide range of opportunities to volunteer and help us out.  I can honestly say that volunteering here is a real warm and fuzzy feeling!  It is so special and to see the look on the children's faces is amazing!" 

On opening night there will be a few dignitaries giving speeches, along with free hot chocolate, and a raffle is held in Santa's Cottage.

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