Chase Tweit is this week's Strathmore Motor Products King of the Week. Chase is a Kings defenseman originally from Langdon and is in his first year with the Kings. Outside of hockey, Chase is working and going to school to study petroleum oil and gas.

Being a rookie on the team, Chase has been learning and adjusting during his first couple of months as he finds his place on the team.

“There’s great chemistry on the team, and I am getting used to the style of hockey the Wheatland Kings play compared to other teams, and just the league as a whole, the size and speed and just making that step up to junior.”

When it comes to his personal improvements Chase does feels that he has adapted fairly well to the pace and demand of the league, and although he is doing well there is always room to get better as an individual.

The last couple of weeks have been tough for the team, as they work to get back into the win column. Chase spoke about where he as an individual and the team needs to improve in order to get that win, “I think we need to work on our defensive end and clean up the front of the net before we can take care of things at the other end.”

This year there has been a strong focus on team building off the ice as well as on it, and a couple of highlights for Chase have been the acts of service they have been performing around the community, along with going out into the community for a trade challenge. The groups were challenged to take a paperclip and make up to ten trades to try and see what they could end up with.

The Kings have always been a team that aims to give back and Chase is looking forward to helping with the setup of the Celebration of Lights, which has become a yearly tradition for the Kings.

Something that many teams have felt over the years is the strong support from the fans and Chase feels that as the team is navigating this season as well.

“It’s awesome having the number of fans that we have and especially all the youngsters that come out, we're kind of their role models, so it's definitely special and the support of the community has been great so far.”

Given the team's recent struggles, the fan support has meant even more to the team as a whole.

“Obviously, with the record that we've been having in the last couple of weeks, we're disappointed, and we want to start getting some wins, not only for us but for the community, they're showing us so much support that we want to give them that.”

This year Chase also has the opportunity to play with his younger brother Cole on a team for the first time, “We could have played together every year, but we just happen to make different teams every year.“

Turning the season around is something Chase believes the team can do, ”I think it's it's still early and with a couple of small changes in our team I think the chemistry will get to where we want it to be, and we'll start to gel as a team.”

The Kings will wrap up the month of October with two home games as they are set to take on the Okotoks Bisons on the 29 at 8 pm and the Coaldale Copperheads on Sunday at 4:30 pm.

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