The City of Chestermere is currently running a pilot project to allow public consumption of alcohol in select city parks. This comes one year after Calgary ran a similar pilot project, which has since been permitted in select locations. 

The City of Chestermere's website says the project "was brought forward in the spirit of giving parkgoers the option of having an alcoholic beverage while enjoying our lakeside greenspaces." This summer, Chestermere residents will be able to bring alcohol to the grassy areas of parks between 11 a.m to 8 p.m. Hard liquor and spirits aren't allowed, but beer and wine beverages are. 

With Chestermere following in Calgary's footsteps, this has some wondering if Strathmore could be next in line. With the Alberta, Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis recently relaxing liquor laws, this has some local businesses hopeful that we may be seeing more alcohol in public spaces in a safe, controlled way.

Town of Strathmore Communications Manager Geoff Person said Town Council hasn't discussed a project like Chestermere, but drinking in public spaces has never been completely prohibited. He explained how businesses can apply for permits to serve alcohol at events, which then allows the community to drink alcohol in parks and other venues.

Person referenced the beer garden at the Fun Runners Show and Shine event on July 16 as an example of how Strathmore includes alcohol in public locations in a positive way.

"This past weekend is a great example of how liquor can be a successful part of community events. The Fun Runners Show & Shine featured a beer garden at the Farmers' Market Pavilion. It was a popular attraction during the day and featured local brews from Origin Malting and Brewing. The Town can provide support to event organizers to help them with the permit process," Person said in a written response.

With several areas in Alberta already allowing for public consumption, it's possible we could see Town Council discuss the idea soon, but at the moment they have not brought this topic up.

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