Starting on Friday, August 5, the City of Chestermere will offer free angle parking along the west side of West Chestermere Drive up to Lakeside Greens Drive. Parking will not be permitted on the east side of West Chestermere Drive. Although no lines will be painted, signage will specify that only angle parking is allowed.

“In the interest of safety, we ask all users to avoid walking on the roadway after parking and use the sidewalk along West Chestermere Drive when walking to Anniversary Beach,” says Cameron Wong, Interim City Director. “Our goal is to make this solution safe for pedestrians and drivers alike.”

The City of Chestermere had recently partnered with the Chestermere Recreation Centre to find alternative beach parking in their lot. After a trial period over a busy August long weekend, it was agreed the proposed solution would not be viable over time. The traffic volume proved too much for their green spaces where cars were to park and would cause too much damage to their fields, resulting in a loss of revenue for the facility.

The City wishes to thank the Chestermere Regional Community Association (CRCA) for their cooperation and willingness to help find a suitable solution for beachgoers and their members. The City of Chestermere and the CRCA will continue working together over the fall and winter months to possibly find a more permanent solution in their lot.

Going forward, the CRCA may allow beach parking for a fee on days their facility schedule permits.

Once all angle parking spots are full, beachgoers are asked to find somewhere else to park, such as the lot at John Peake Park.

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