The annual Christmas Gymkhana at David's Arena is always a great time for all the horse riders to spend time together and celebrate the season, but this year the event was about more than just the horses and riders. The gymkhana community came together this year to raise donations for the Strathmore and Wheatland Christmas Hamper Society.

Christine Foshaug is on the fundraising committee with the Hamper Society, but her son also boards her horse with the gymkhana group. When Foshaug was thinking about the event, she thought it could be a great opportunity to help the hamper as well.

"Everybody gets together and has a good time and socializes and celebrates the season, and I just thought it might make a bit of a difference for the community if we brought in some donations for the Hamper Society," she said.

With a table's worth of donations, Foshaug is very grateful for how the community came together to raise donations.

"The people out there are amazing, they're very kind and generous and helpful, and a little bit makes a huge difference to the people who need a bit of help this season."

Beyond this one event, Foshaug reiterated the community's kindness in supporting the Hamper Society.

"I was part of the blitz we had a couple weekends ago where we did the four stores (Canadian tire, No Frills, Sobeys, Co-op), and people were very generous there as well. We had youth sports teams helping us out with that as well so it was good seeing the kids get involved."

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