The Calgary Stampede is working closely with several organizations to make sure this year's event is safe and runs smoothly.

This includes partnering with the Calgary Emergency Management Agency, City of Calgary, Calgary Police Service, and Calgary Fire Department, Calgary Transit and Alberta Health Services to make Stampede Park a safe and welcoming place for people all across the city, and around the world.

“Calgarians have demonstrated time and time again that we have heart, and we have grit, for 112 years we have come together in times of crisis like these last few weeks, and just as importantly we have come together in times of celebration like the days ahead,” said Kerrie Blizard, Director of Public Safety and Environment at the Calgary Stampede.

According to Stampede officials, 24-hour CTrain service will start during the evening of July 4 and end the morning of July 15. Guests can take the Red Line to Erlton Stampede Station or Victoria Park Stampede Station, which will bring you right to the event.

“To ensure safety, we have implemented several measures, including increasing patrols by peace officers across the transit system. Alongside Calgary Transit, various vehicle-for-hire services including taxis, limousines, and Transportation Network Companies will ensure smooth and secure transportation for visitors to and from Stampede events,” says Cory Porter, Deputy Chief of Vehicle for Hire Public Safety.

This year's event will have a lot of fun for the whole family and staff are asking residents to prepare for the weather.

“With warm temperatures often experienced during stampede week and also parade day, it’s a good time to remind everyone to take precautions to stay healthy and safe. Stay hydrated with water, seek shade and keep cool when outdoors, protect your skin from the sun with clothing, hats and sunscreen,” said Adam Loria, Public Education Officer, Alberta Health Services Emergency Medical Services.

Last year more than 1.3 million people took in the Calgary Stampede, which is the second highest attendance on record.

Staff with Calgary Police will be walking around Stampede Park from July 5 until July 14 to ensure safety for stampede goers.

"As in previous years, we will have a highly visible presence both along the parade route and at Stampede Park. The grounds operate as a ninth police district with its own dedicated commander, radio channel, patrol officers and office. This allows us to coordinate policing throughout the grounds and ensure all parts of the grounds are well-patrolled. Our number one priority is the safety of Calgarians and our guests, and we are confident that we are ready for Stampede 2024,” explains Staff Sergeant JF Dery of the Calgary Police Service.

The Stampede will officially begin on July 5.