This week the 104.5 More Country Crew headed out on another delivery for Classroom of the Month. Delivering a pizza party courtesy of Boston Pizza to Mrs. Benassi’s grade 4 class at Sacred Heart Academy.

“They were just so pumped when I told, they said this is going to be so fun.”

Mrs. Benassi came back to her class in January after maternity leave and she said they all just settled right in, “So far it has been going really well, they are just are great bunch of kids and so much fun to be with.”

This year has been great for students across Strathmore as they have been able to be back together in the classroom which Mrs. Beanssi said is one of the main highlights.

“Once the whole mask mandate came off and the fact that we can move the desks and actually do group work and work together, kind of in close proximity was life changing, it just felt so normal.”

With just a few weeks left in this school year we have a couple of deliveries left to make, to nominate a class for Classroom of the Month sponsored by Audra Reinhardt from CIR Realty visit