This week's Strathmore Motor Products King of the Week is 17-Year-old Cole Tweit from Langdon. 

This is Cole's first year with the Kings and he is working hard as he adjusts to this level of hockey, "It's been good, it's been a different change of pace definitely from last year, but I really like the team and the chemistry is good on and off the ice." 

It has been a rough few weeks for the team as they found themselves in last place in the league and on a 10 game losing streak, which they were able to end last Sunday with a win against the Coaldale Copperheads. 

"It felt really good as a team knowing that we can compete with every other team in this league, we just have to show it. It (the win) set the mood for this weekend coming up and for the rest of the year, it probably turned it around for us."

The team this year has a lot of young talent and they are going up against older more established teams, but Cole and the entire team are working harder to get to where they need to be to compete. 

"It's going to take hard work from the whole team and starts in practice with everyone giving it their all. Then on and off the ice too, having good team chemistry and just making sure we don't get down on each other on the bench and keep everything positive."

This is a year of firsts for Cole; not only is it his first year playing with Kings, but it is also his first year playing side by side on the same team as his brother Chase, something that they did not have the chance to do growing up and he is enjoying every minute of it.  

"It's great playing together and our teamwork shows from knowing each other, he'll give me the pointers here and there on what to do because I'm still new to this league, but it's a lot of teamwork, which is nice and he helps me out quite a bit."

Along with playing in his first year with the Wheatland Kings Cole is also in his first year of university taking general science with the goal of becoming a Petroleum Engineer. 

Come out to cheer on Cole and the rest of the Wheatland Kings for their next home game against the Mountainview Colts on Saturday, November 5th at 8 pm.

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