Canadian stand-up comedian, Andrew Packer will be performing in Strathmore on November 11. 

Packer will perform at Mike's Bar & Grill, as part of an 11-city tour throughout Alberta. 

He recently released his stand-up comedy album On Guard with a video special

"I find a lot of Canadian stuff is very corny and not quite true of our country, and the special is the double entendre. One aspect is tipping my hat to my home and on the other side is about life in general," Packer explained regarding what is portrayed in his special. 

Packer has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and 3.1 million followers on TikTok. 

"So, certain comedians who may have not been fitting into those pop culture archetypes at other times can now actively put themselves out there and be found by people that truly love what they do and identify with their perspective." 

Packer believes things have shifted for the newer generation of comics.

"There's a lot less open mics, is what I'm noticing. When I started in Toronto, you could do open mics a lot more but now it's much harder to do that in the age of social media." 

Packer has toured over 15 countries as the co-creator of the EH Comedy Tour and has performed at Just For Laughs Toronto, Just For Laughs Vancouver, and the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival.

Packer will be touring with another comedian Marc Anthony. 

"One of the reasons that we chose Strathmore is because Marc has a relationship with the venue and said that it was a really great time the last time he was there. We are really excited to come out and see Strathmore."

Tickets are $29.36 and can be purchased here

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